Resolving Employment Disputes

Dealing with employment conflicts at an early stage will save time, money and stress later on, for both the employer and employees, and will stop the situation developing into a full-blown dispute.

Birkett Long has a dedicated team of employment dispute solicitors who offer clear and practical advice on the difference between a matter which is winnable and one which is merely arguable. This ensures that you will receive the best possible advice on whether to proceed in the first instance.

Conflicts in the workplace take many forms. It might be an individual with a grievance, a problem between an employee and a manager, or a clash between two co-workers. Any conflict can get in the way of work and make your business less productive.

Some of the issues that can cause conflict between individuals and groups at work include:

  • ineffective management of performance
  • unfair treatment
  • unclear job roles
  • poor communications
  • poor work environment
  • lack of equal opportunities
  • bullying and harassment
  • unresolved problems from the past
  • an increase in workload

A dispute can be inevitable in a business that is actively managed, and if it does result in an employment dispute and slugging it out in court, then we will agree a deliberate case strategy and will fight your corner using our extensive experience of the Employment Tribunal and High Court judicial systems.

If you are looking for legal help resolving an employment dispute, we are always happy to offer a free initial telephone consultation to discuss your particular query or concern, and how we can help you. We will, in this respect, work to a fixed or capped fee arrangement agreed with you.

Our employment dispute solicitors are available to clients throughout Basildon, Colchester and Chelmsford. Give Julie Temple, our employment dispute solicitor a call on 01206 217318 to discuss how we can help.


At Birkett Long we will always look to assist in resolving disputes by negotiation, mediation or alternative dispute resolution where appropriate.

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