Divorce solicitors

At Birkett Long, we understand the breakdown of a relationship is stressful and emotional, particularly when it leads to divorce. Our divorce and separation solicitors will help you make important decisions regarding property, your will, money, business and childcare, when you may feel least equipped to make them. Our solicitors will guide you through the divorce process (including mediation and Collaborative Law), with kindness and patience, so that you can begin to move on with your life.

The technicalities of divorce and separation can seem overwhelming, especially at a time of emotional stress. Our divorce and separation solicitors can help you make decisions on the following:

If your marriage has broken down irretrievably and you are looking to obtain a divorce, but want to keep things friendly, take a look at 10 top tips on getting divorced amicably from a member of our family law team. There are lots of helpful articles about family and relationships, divorce and separation, children's issues and other topics on our blog

To find out more about the divorce process, or to talk about where to start, contact our divorce and separation solicitors in Basildon, Colchester or Chelmsford today for a no obligation, free chat on the phone.


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What our Clients Say

  • Throughout the painful process, your guidance has been invaluable. After our initial consultation, your words reminded me of the current popular advertising “keep calm and carry on"
  • It has been the most traumatic of times and a very tough and emotional process to go through. However I have to say it was a privilege to have you represent me. I cannot thank you enough for your patience in dealing with all my panics and concerns but mostly for your measured professional guidance throughout the process.
  • It was lovely to meet you this morning and I'm grateful for your sensitive and informative approach to things. And for making me smile in spite of it all!
  • After deciding to part company with [a local law firm] after what I still feel was inadequate advice and action, I was delighted at the service I received from you and your colleagues. I am sure that taking over a case that has been ongoing for a period of time is not easy, but I very quickly felt reassured that I had made the right decision. The personal approach to dealing with my case made me confident that my needs were being met and I would happily recommend your services to others.
  • I have used Birkett Long for matrimonial and family business, property matters and wills and probate and have received good service in all three departments. They are good at providing fee estimates to clients in advance and sticking to them, offering budget-friendly payment arrangements and using email rather than slow and costly printed letters.