Environmental Law Solicitors

The environment and energy sector has seen significant growth in recent years. The increasing cost of energy, diminishing stocks of fossil based fuels, security of supply, increasing demand from developing countries, concerns on the carbon agenda and new legislation has forced change, resulting in significant investment in alternative energy technologies.

Birkett Long’s team of environment and energy law solicitors understands this is a fast-moving sector, and with increasing energy costs, it is also an area where sensible, practical and expert advice from our environment and energy team can assist both businesses and individuals to reduce costs.

Birkett Long’s solicitors advise on sustainability matters including the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme and mandatory carbon emissions reporting. The team is a cross-department and cross-discipline team capable of advising on the varied matters that now affect most businesses and many individuals.

We are also able to assist with terms and conditions of business and employment matters, as well as compliance with environmental regulations and obtaining appropriate permits for the proper operation of the business.  We can assist if a contamination or pollution incident occurs.

If you have any questions about environment and energy law, please call David Rayner on 01245 453826 for a short, no obligation phone call or contact one of our solicitors in Basildon, Colchester or Chelmsford to discuss your requirements.

Birkett Long’s team has particular expertise in advising the construction sector with regards ‘green’ and environmental issues.

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