Equality and diversity

Birkett Long is committed to ensuring that all clients, colleagues, job applicants, suppliers, and other third parties are treated fairly and without discrimination. 

We have policies and procedures in place that promote equality and diversity. All staff receive training on our policies when they join the firm and at regular intervals thereafter to ensure the required standards and behaviours are maintained.



Our 2021 diversity data

These are the results of the SRA diversity survey which was sent to 167 members of staff. This data is based on the 140 individuals who responded.

What is your sex?

Prefer not to say3%


Which age category are you in?

Prefer not to say4%


Do you consider yourself to have a disability according to the definition in the Equality Act 2010?

Prefer not to say2%


What is your ethnic group?

Any other Asian background1%
Any other Mixed/ Multiple ethnic background1%
Any other White background2%
British/ English/ Welsh/ Northern Irish/ Scottish88%
Prefer not to say1%
White and Asian1%
White and Black Caribbean1%


Which type of school did you attend for the most time between the ages 11 and 16?

Prefer not to say4%
Don’t know/ not sure1%
Attended school outside the UK1%
Independent/ fee-paying school 5%
Independent/ fee-paying school, where a bursary covered 90% or more of my tuition  1%
State-run or state-funded school (selective on academic, faith or other grounds)11%
State-run or state-funded school (non-selective) 76%


Did either of your parents attend university by the time you were 18?

Prefer not to say4%
No, neither of my parents attended university79%
Yes, one or both of my parents attended university16%
Don’t know/ not sure1%


Are you a primary carer for a child or children under 18?

Prefer not to say2%


Do you look after or care for someone with long-term physical or mental ill-health caused by disability or age (not in a paid capacity)?

Prefer not to say4%


Select one category which best describes your role in the firm.

Other lawyer/solicitor role (inc CILEx, paralegals, trainees etc)34%
Managerial role7%
Support staff in a legal team 31%
Support staff outside of a legal team (e.g. HR, marketing, IT etc)12%
Prefer not to say3%


The firm is not required to include information relating to religion or belief, sexual orientation, or transgender.