Intellectual Property Lawyers

At Birkett Long, our intellectual property lawyers and patent attorneys understand the importance of the identification and exploitation of IP assets, keeping ahead of your competitors and developing your market perspective.

Our IP team has breadth and depth of experience in:

  • Patents and patent applications
  • Trade marks
  • Design registrations
  • Unregistered IP rights such as copyright passing off
  • Design rights
  • IP disputes

As your business grows we can ensure that you have protection in place both in the UK and internationally. When the time comes, we can assist you in the enforcement of those rights.

Principally, the creation of IP assets is the creation of value. Birkett Long has experts on hand to help with the creation, realisation, maintenance and disposal of those assets.

Our IP solicitors will guide you through the processes involved. Here are some of the questions we can assist you with -

Your brand and reputation is a significant business asset. Our IP specialists in Basildon, ColchesterChelmsford and London will help you understand the different entities available for the operation of your businesses.

Birkett Long can help you identify the one most suited to you and your business needs.

If you have any questions about protecting your brand and reputation, please call the team on 01206 217620 for an initial consultation.


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