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If you’re in the media or music industries, it can be tempting to swerve the legalities and get stuck into the creative side you love.  Avoiding the drafting of proper contracts, protecting your intellectual property or setting up agreements with the other people you deal with can end up being more hassle in the long run. Birkett Long’s media and music solicitors in Basildon, Colchester and Chelmsford will help artists and creative businesses set up the correct legal documents from the outset, so you can get on with your work.

    The music industry: artists, musicians and bands

    It’s never too soon in a musician’s career to speak to Birkett Long. Even if you are just starting out, simple band agreements are a cost-effective way of avoiding future disputes. It is equally important for artists and management to be properly informed before signing contracts – a consultation with us can identify any unfair contractual terms.

    Our solicitors can also offer legal advice on:

    • schemes available to provide funding for your project
    • ways to exploit revenue streams for your music
    • drafting band agreements
    • writing music publishing contracts
    • we can put you in contact with other music industry experts to help you develop a successful recording career


    If your business has a website or logo, creates its own content (text, photographic or video) or develops new technology, then you own intellectual property (IP). Birkett Long offers a whole range of IP law services, for more information visit our Intellectual page.

    For a short, no obligation chat about media & music law, call us 01206 217600 or contact one of our solicitors Basildon, Colchester or Chelmsford.

    We appreciate the challenges and opportunities for music and media clients in the digital world. Whether we are advising on IP matters for an innovative start-up, drafting/negotiating agreements or investigating a claim of defamation, we understand the commercial realities of working with music and media clients and our services reflect your time pressures.

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