Charity solicitors

With the ever-increasing risk of litigation and personal liability for club or charity trustees, there is a trend towards incorporating charities to reduce the risk of the trustees being personally exposed to claims.

Birkett Long’s charity solicitors have proven ability and a wealth of resources to deal with the set up and ongoing development of a charity, club or society.

Our prompt attention and a realistic cost structure give the team a competitive edge over many other firms offering a similar specialism.

Some of our work covers:

  • Making sure the correct structure is in place when setting up a new charity or club or incorporating an existing charity or club
  • Registration with the Charity Commission
  • Statutory and contractual issues
  • Constitutional issues and governance of charities and clubs
  • Setting up charitable trusts
  • Winding up and merging charities.

We are also able to offer advice on the full range of legal issues relevant to charities and clubs. We have expertise in the many issues charities face, we are in position where we can assess your specific needs and bring together lawyers from across the firm to overcome particular challenges that affect the charity sector.

If you want to find out more about our legal services for charities contact our charity and not for profit solicitors in Basildon, Colchester or Chelmsford today for a no obligation, free chat on the phone.

The firm has built an enviable portfolio of clients including national charities (for example, LEPRA) as well as smaller more local names (for example, St Helena Hospice, Essex Community Foundation and the Essex Fairway Charitable Trust).

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