Data Protection Law for Charities

Many charities handle significant amounts of data and information about their beneficiaries, about their staff and about their supporters. New technology and the rapid growth of social media has resulted in an exponential growth in this data.

Our data protection specialists offer sound legal advice and an understanding of the GPDR, we help ensure that charity trustees can evidence that they have acted in the best interests of their charity and that the charity can still contact and market itself to potential donors.

On 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) will come into effect in the UK and it is expected to have significant consequences for charities and the way in which they contact their donors and supporters.

Information is a vital asset to many charities and managing it well is an obvious strategic aim, but it can also pose risks if it is not properly managed. Our specialist data protection team can help you, your trustees and the charity as a whole to audit the data the charity already has, assess how it is handled and stored, and guide you through the changes the charity needs to make in order to remain compliant.

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How we can help charities

We believe that helping our charity clients understand the scope and extent of their legal and regulatory obligations in relation to the data and information they hold is an essential part of good information management. We offer training services to support our clients which focus on the practicalities of information management.