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Michele Magro

Intellectual Property Lawyer

I provide legal advice of a regulatory, commercial and public policy nature. As a warranted lawyer in Malta with extensive experience in regulated industries, I represent Birkett Long's Malta office. 

I spent over eight years at the Malta Gaming Authority, principally within the legal department as Deputy General Counsel, and co-authored the gambling reform law in Malta in 2018. I then acted as Chief Counsel, International Affairs & Policy, and Chairman of the Supervisory Council. I also sat on the Board of Directors of the Gaming Regulators European Forum (GREF), an organisation composed of the European gambling regulators. 

Following that, I was Technical Advisor to the CEO at the Malta Financial Services Authority, working primarily on financial action task force remediation, and other international assessments. I have also been a Board Member of the Residual Balances Fund, a fund established by the Ministry of Finance to aid in the dissolution of banks that had their banking licences cancelled. 

I have established two non-profit associations in Malta in the esports sector.

I believe my attention to detail and my practical approach are appreciated by clients.


  • Doctor of Laws (2014)

  • University of Malta Diploma Notary Public (2012) 

  • University of Malta Bachelor of Laws (2011) 

  • University of Malta warrant to practise law in Malta (2015) 

  • Member of the Malta Chamber of Advocates

I am passionate about history, and enjoy travelling to places I haven't been to before. I believe law and history give you insight into how society functions

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