4 steps to properly managing your charity fundraising


As a board of trustees, are you sure that your charity’s fundraising activities are being properly monitored and managed? Organisations operating in the third sector are finding funding ever harder to come by. As a result, fundraising is a key element to a charity’s long term prospects.

There have been several recent high profile scandals, including those involving the President’s Club and Kid’s Company. These cases demonstrate how important it is for trustees to ensure fundraising is given its place on the trustees’ meeting agenda.

Fundraising and the role of a trustee

The Fundraising Regulator provides practical guidance on steps that you can take when considering fundraising activities. It reminds trustees that they are ultimately responsible for the actions of their charity.

Simple steps that a charity can take and should be considered at trustees’ meetings include:

  1. Perform a risk assessment in respect of fundraising activities, and if necessary include fundraising on the charity’s risk register;
  2. Have a clear policy in respect of accepting donations and possibly the circumstances when a donation should be refused;
  3. Have a complaints procedure in the event that a complaint arises in respect of fundraising activities; and
  4. Ensure that written agreements are in place with third parties who may undertake fundraising activities on behalf of the charity.

The above provides some practical steps that trustees can take. If you need more information about the role of a trustee, trustee duties, or have concerns about your charity’s fundraising activities, please contact Tim Field on 01206 217366 or email tim.field@birkettlong.co.uk.