Divorce FAQ

I think I want a divorce – what do I do next?

Every marriage has its trials and tribulations. If you think you might want a divorce, it’s a really good idea to talk to your partner about how you feel. Discussing the problems in your relationship will alert your partner to the fact you are unhappy and will give you both a chance to see if you can try and put things right. 

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We have decided to separate – what do I do next?

The first thing to do is to come and see an expert divorce and separation lawyer. We can guide you through what you need to think about, what steps you need to take and how best to resolve the issues that arise in your particular case.

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How do I get a divorce?

The divorce itself is a straightforward online exercise, which, provided it is not defended, can be completed without needing to attend court.  You will need to decide whether you wish to divorce straight away and if so, whether the divorce will be based on adultery on unreasonable behaviour.  From 6 April 2022 the law is changing and from that date onwards, you can secure a no-fault divorce.

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How do we decide what will happen to the children after a separation or divorce?

You, as the children’s parents, are the best people to decide the most appropriate arrangements for them once you separate. Studies show that it is the conflict between parents that is most damaging to children, not the separation itself. If you cannot agree what is in the best interests of the children then there are a number of avenues open to you.

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How do we sort out the financial issues in separation or divorce?

Our specialist divorce and separation lawyers can guide you through the financial side of your separation and advise you at an early stage on the likely outcome.  

A divorcing couple have claims against one another for property, lump sums, maintenance and pensions. You will need to exchange full and frank disclosure with your partner so that the income, expenditure, assets and liabilities of you both can be clearly understood and this will enable us to advise you on how it would be appropriate to settle the financial claims in your particular circumstances. 

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For a free initial chat with a specialist divorce and separation lawyer, without any obligation to take things further, please contact Francesca Cozens on 01206 204066 or email francesca.cozens@birkettlong.co.uk

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