Protecting Directors

If you’re invited to become a director or an officer of a corporation, there are many things to consider, but often overlooked is the issue of what you should do to protect your personal assets from your potential personal liabilities as a director or officer.

For guidance on how to protect your business through the COVID-19 pandemic, read here. 

The consequences of breaching directors’ duties can be severe. It is important to ensure that expert legal advice is sought, both on appointment, and on a continuing basis. At Birkett Long we advise directors about all aspects of their obligations and responsibilities.

We understand the commercial realities that directors face in carrying out their role. We can help maximise the contribution to the financial success of a company, whilst ensuring that the directors do so within the law. This includes advice on the details of director’s conflicts of interest, to ensure that duties towards the company are not in conflict with personal concerns.

  • Do you understand all of your obligations and duties as a director?
  • Are you worried about tax mitigation schemes you may have entered into?
  • Are you fully aware of your liabilities as a director?
  • Do you understand the details of director’s conflicts of interest?
  • Do you need to remove a director?
  • Are you affected by the Modern Slavery Act 2015? Click for more information
  • Do you and your directors have wills and LPAs in place in order to protect your business should something happen to one of you?

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