payment options for your dispute

Paying for a dispute doesn’t need to be complicated. Below are some of the options available for paying for a dispute, along with information on why you should or should not choose to use them. If you would like to discuss any of these options, please contact a team member on 01245 453813 who can talk you through them.

Paying an hourly rate

This arrangement is the most common and usually the cheapest, because no success fee needs to be paid. This option is not dependent upon the result of the matter and payment will be due even if the case is lost.

Fixed fee

For particular phases of a dispute, or perhaps even for the whole matter, we may be able to offer a fixed (or capped) fee. This gives you certainty about how much you’re paying, as the fee you pay will be the amount agreed, regardless of how much work is carried out.

“No win no fee” – conditional fees

With this option, you are not charged if the case is lost, however, if you win, you pay your lawyer’s normal hourly rate as well as a success fee. Success fees are not able to be recovered by an opponent and must be paid by you. It could be up to 100% of your lawyer’s normal hourly charge.

Agreements based on damages

A damage-based agreement is where the lawyer receives a percentage of the figure you are awarded. If the case does not prove successful, there is no charge. If the case is successful, you could pay up to 50% of the figure awarded to your solicitor.


As part of your home or car insurance, you may have legal expenses insurance. It may be possible to claim on this and have your insurers pay your legal costs. Policies such as these are usually restrictive, so check what you are covered for before going ahead. An insurer may also ask you to use their panel of solicitors rather than using your own.  

Community Legal Services Scheme

This option is only available on a limited basis. Eligibility for this scheme will depend on the type of case along with personal financial circumstances. We are not on the panel for the Community Legal Services scheme.

Each of these options should be considered as they all have pros and cons for you and your lawyer.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss these options further, please call the team on 01245 453813.