resolving disputes relating to your property

Falling out with anyone is stressful, but disputes with neighbours or tenants can be particularly upsetting. Birkett Long can help you assess whether your dispute is worth pursuing or defending, support you as you proceed, and help you find the most appropriate way of paying for it, minimising your worry.

There are lots of different ways of resolving and paying for dispute proceedings.  Birkett Long will help you explore your dispute and find the best way of funding it – it doesn’t always have to cost you a fortune.

  • Do you have a dispute with your neighbour about your property boundary?
  • Do you have tenants that are not paying their rent?
  • Is someone disputing a right of way across your property?
  • Is someone squatting in your property?
  • Are you disputing co-ownership of a property or land?
  • Have you got a problem with nuisance or flooding?

Whatever the problem, contact Birkett Long for a free chat about your dispute and any funding concerns.

Birkett Long has a dedicated team, experienced in providing specialist advice on the wide range of disputes that can arise in relation to property. We act for a wide range of clients, from large property investors, developers, local authorities, universities and colleges to those with smaller property portfolios and individual owners and tenants.

Our team of experts deals with disputes in the County Court, the High Court, the First-Tier Property Tribunal, the Lands Tribunal and before the Land Registry Adjudicator. We will always look to assist clients in resolving disputes by negotiation, mediation or alternative dispute resolution where appropriate.

Keith Songhurst is a member of the Property Litigation Association.

What our clients say

  • Your involvement was both critical and crucial and I think you got with the program instantly and to great effect.
  • You made the process of recovery relatively painless and I think we got the best outcome available to us on the day so I'm very happy with the outcome
  • I have to say, you are the best. I have rarely worked with someone with your clarity. The pleasure is all mine

staff re-order for landlord or neighbour disputes

  • Keith Songhurst