If you’re struggling to pay your debts as they fall due, and all other options seem exhausted, then bankruptcy might be a solution for you. Bankruptcy draws a line in the sand, and can help you to resolve your debts.

Birkett Long will explain the options available to you, helping you consider and make the important decisions that have to be made.

You might be considering bankruptcy, if so, some issues to consider are:

  • Are you struggling to pay debts as they fall due?
  • Have you exhausted other debt resolution options?
  • Has a Bankruptcy Petition been presented against you?

If you want to find out more about the bankruptcy process, or want to know where to start please fill in our form (on the right hand side) where one of the team will be in touch.


Birkett Long acts for individuals in relation to all aspects of personal insolvency and bankruptcy. Our experts have particular experience of acting for directors and business owners, with many of them being members of R3 - The Association of Business Recovery Professionals.

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