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South Essex Office

Basildon: an economic powerhouse of the South-East

Laura Meers
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Birkett Long opened its Basildon office in 2011. With offices already in Colchester and Chelmsford, it may not be immediately obvious why Basildon was chosen as a location for the firm’s third office. Basildon isn’t typically thought of as an...

Breaking a new market - The start of a new era

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The opening day of Birkett Long’s new South Essex office is nearly upon us and the months of hard work that have been put in by the firm’s Business Development & Marketing and I.T. teams is about to come to fruition. The team members chosen...

(I)T-minus 11 days (and counting)!

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When your firm decides to open a new office, IT is the easy bit, right? Just plug a server in, a couple of PCs and telephones, connect it to the internet and you’re done. That is all it takes if you look around when you walk in, but the reality of what...