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Airbnb to combat dodgy hosts

Tim Field
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Airbnb has been riding the wave of the ‘sharing economy’, along with sites such as Uber and eBay, to create a success story in the hospitality industry. However, it has not been all plain sailing.  Horror stories from both guests and hosts...

Ed Sheeran's IP dispute settles

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Last September a work experience student at Birkett Long, Katrina Russell, wrote a blog on Ed Sheeran’s defence of a $20 million lawsuit in the United States. You can read the article, posted by Liz O'Mahony  here . The lawsuit was...

Lady Gaga wins court case accusing her of stealing images

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Lady Gaga has successfully defeated a claim against her by a French artist known as Orlan for plagiarism and infringement of image rights. Orlan accused Lady Gaga of stealing images for use on her 2011 album Born This Way. The French artist was seeking...

Child abduction or child's decision?

Sian Taylor
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You may have read about Madonna’s recent court battles regarding the residency of her son Rocco.  Until recently Rocco had resided with his mother in America following on from her divorce from Rocco’s father, film director Guy...

Music law consequences of the recently alleged Adele plagiarism news story

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After breaking so many records that she made the music industry press itself sound like a broken record, Adele has now received some publicity that may at first appear unwelcome. Her track ‘Million Years Ago’ is the subject of accusations from...

Things just went Tidal in the music industry

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Their aim was to create music history, which they did, but with a tsunami of backlash. The roll call of music industry illuminati was beyond even Bob Geldoff’s wildest Band Aid dreams: Jay Z, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Chris Martin, Madonna, Usher, Kanye...