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Our Commercial Real Estate Team

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Commercial Real Estate is a large team with significant experience in dealing with all aspects of commercial property. Our individual members also have their own sector expertise, including environment & energy, health and social care, education and charity. The team has long standing relationships with clients and business partners, and we provide a tailored service to each client. We deal with each matter efficiently to ensure that deadlines and objectives are achieved. Our advice is commercial and practical, offering positive solutions.

Daniel Sturman

"Greener" New Build Homes and Non-Domestic Buildings

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The Government Consultation for the Future Homes Standard and Future Business Standards. Lots of us are looking for ways of being “greener” and there seems to be more focus on this, on social media, on the television and even...

Commercial leases - protecting business through lockdown

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Whilst we all hope the Covid-19 pandemic is in decline and that we will not see a return to lockdown at national level, the threat of a second wave still remains. So, if your business is about to take a lease of premises or you are already in an existing...

Grenfell Tower - update on new measures

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This month, the government announced new measures to improve the safety of buildings in the wake of the 2017 Grenfell Tower disaster. The new measures are: The creation of a Building Safety Regulator (“BSR”) to oversee...

Government to remove Grenfell-style cladding

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Last year, I spoke about the government consultation on the possible banning of combustible cladding used in external walls of high-rise residential properties such as the Grenfell Tower. However, the government has now decided to remove...

Clear leases save significant costs

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The High Court has recently reiterated the need for clarity in leases and of their terms in the case of Goldman Sachs International v Procession House Trustee 1 Ltd and Procession House Trustee 2 Ltd. The case began with both parties agreeing on...

Combustible cladding in high rise residential buildings

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Following the Grenfell Tower fire, the government is currently consulting on the possible banning of combustible cladding used in external walls of high rise residential properties. The government has indicated that their preferred way forward would be to...

Inadequate commercial lease ruling

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The Court of Appeal has recently ruled on the inadequacies of a commercial lease, which has sent a message to all landlords and tenants about the risks of an improperly drafted lease. In the case of J N Hipwell & Son v Szurek , Mrs Szurek, the tenant,...