Protecting your Intellectual Property

In an increasingly connected world, those seeking to infringe intellectual property are finding new ways to achieve their aims.

It is also becoming more difficult to deal with the infringers, both offline and online methods are now used by individuals to benefit themselves. In particular, online infringements have a pronounced international character.

Intellectual property rights generally fall into four main areas:

  • Copyright
  • Trade marks
  • Design rights
  • Patents

The law protects the control of certain intangible assets such as ideas, creations, symbols, research and processes, i.e. intellectual property.

Our IP solicitors understand the legal framework in this area. We are experienced in providing cost-effective solutions to assist you in protecting your intellectual property.

The team are quick to identify steps needed to be taken to protect your business. We work with you and offer suggestions on how to best protect your intellectual property.

We also understand the business and technology sector, meaning we are able to offer commercial, practical and timely advice to protect your assets when the need arises.

Our IP lawyers have experience in a wide range of matters including (but not limited to):

  • Counterfeit goods
  • Intellectual property litigation relating to all types of IP, including infringement matters
  • Domain name disputes
  • E-commerce
  • Online disputes

If you have any questions, please call Jonathan Perlmutter on 01206 217620 for a discussion. Visit business intellectual property solicitors for more information.



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