How do I know if own my intellectual property?

The initial ownership of an intellectual property object tends to, but does not always, reside with its creator. For example, the UK Patents Act states that unless certain conditions are present, the first owner of an invention will be the inventor.

The circumstances in which this may not be the case can variously be situations such as employment, undertaking work under contract, producing work in an educational context and/or other such scenarios. 

Because there are often multiple, overlapping types of intellectual property right in a creation, the ownership situation can become complex. If you have a query as to the nature and extent of the ownership of a given object, which may have a variety of IP rights attached to it, it is best to seek a consultation. 

If you have any questions or would like to speak to an intellectual property specialist, please call Jonathan Perlmutter on 01206 217620 for a free consultation. Visit business intellectual property solicitors for more information.

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