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Personal Law

Our expert solicitors understand that your personal life can be complicated, so getting everything in order is one less thing to think about. We offer advice on a variety of aspects of your life including family & divorce, bereavements, employment, disputes and property.

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Children's Law

Helping you reaching the best agreement for you and your children.

Contesting a Will

Advising on will contests, inheritance claims, and trust disputes.

Court of Protection

Advising those currently a deputy or seeking to become one.

Dispute Resolution

Guiding you through disputes at home or at work.


Assisting with divorce, separation and relationship breakdowns.


Advising on work issues to help you make informed decisions.


Helping your family with solutions with personal legal advice.


Advising on inheritance disputes following a loved one’s death.


Providing support for LGBTQ+ couples and family law needs.

Personal Insolvency

Protecting assets and resolving debts with insolvency advice.


Guiding you through the probate process and estate management.


Advising on residential and commercial property transactions.


Identifying what is important to you and ensuring these are protected.

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Protecting your interests as life expectancy increases.

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