Sole traders

Running a business as a sole trader can be demanding and there are a variety of issues that you need to consider, with no-one but yourself accountable for the decisions that you make.

With a variety of issues demanding your attention, our Commercial and Corporate Finance Team understand the burden on Sole traders and can assist by providing cost effective, expert advice relating to the key issues you face. Call us on 01245 453847.

We can advise you on:

  • Your liability as a sole trader, your liabilities to third parties and ways in which you can reduce risk to your personal assets
  • A potential change to your business structure
  • The various funding options available to you
  • Finance documentation
  •  Website documents
  • Your terms of business, assisting you with ways in which you may be able to improve your cash flow by creating disincentives for late payment for your goods and services
  • Property and employment issues

 As we recognise that price is often the key factor for sole traders, we offer a number of services on a cost effective fixed fee basis. Birkett Long has a team of specialist lawyers dedicated to providing advice to start ups and existing sole traders. 


Staff re-order in business sole traders

  • Tracey Dickens
  • Tim Field
  • Thomas Emmett