Refinancing & Charging Your Property

The charging of your commercial property can involve a lot of important decisions. There is a wide variety of products available, and Birkett Long’s commercial property specialists are committed to providing you with the detailed practical advice you need, in order to properly understand the process and make informed choices about your transaction.

Whether we are acting for a bank or you as a borrower, be assured that Birkett Long’s dedicated team will ensure your transaction is dealt with in a clear and efficient manner.

We regularly advise lenders and borrowers on secured and unsecured lending. By talking to Birkett Long you can be assured that we will work with you to protect your interest and make sure your documents are fit for purpose.

If acting for you as the borrower, as well as the bank, we will report to you on the terms of the charge documentation. We will then liaise with any existing lender, either in respect of the release of their charge, or their consent to the grant of a new one.

Questions you might have include:

  • can I charge multiple properties or only party of a property?
  • what impact, if any, does the property being leasehold have on the ability to charge it?
  • what are the implications of purchasing a property subject to an existing mortgage?
  • what other security might a lender require?
  • what happens if I default on the terms of my loan?
  • to what extent will a mortgage limit what I can do with the property?
  • what do I do when I want to sell the property or redeem the loan?

All transactions with a lending element involve carrying out an assessment of the property based on title documents, search results and enquiries, and reporting back to the lender on the results of the same. We will also need to attend to the registration of the charge document at Companies House (if the borrower is a company) and the Land Registry so as to protect all parties.

Contact a member of the team, or complete our enquiry form, to discuss how we may be able to help you.



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We are panel members for a large number of banks and other financial institutions and advise them on a wide variety of matters, including acquisition finance, property finance and security matters. We also advise borrowers when they are taking out, renewing or amending bank facilities.

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