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Diving into Mediation

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It has been revealed by the Ministry of Justice that the number of cases starting mediation in the period October to December 2017 were 15% lower than for the same period in 2016 and that new mediation cases are at their lowest number since the Legal Aid reforms came into effect in 2013.
I think this is a real shame, Mediation can be a good way to start the separation process and can start communication between both parties in an equal environment. It can reduce conflict and means you are both able to have more control over the arrangements for children, property and finance. 
Birkett Long actively promotes the benefits of Mediation.  It is a valuable method of resolving issues that arise in family cases in a cost effective and non-confrontational manner.  It can open difficult lines of communication between separating couples and keep them at the centre of the resolution of their issues, rather than placing these issues in the hands of a judge. We are here to provide support and guidance through this process.
Family Solicitors seem to have a reputation among the public of benefitting from the misfortune of their clients, of “fanning the flames” and intentionally increasing legal costs to line their own pockets.  I am pleased to say however that at Birkett Long, all of our family lawyers are members of Resolution and therefore adopt a code of conduct which promotes a conciliatory and sensible approach to family issues.  This means that at each initial meeting with our clients, we consider whether Mediation is appropriate to the case and explain the benefits of resolving issues in that setting rather than through court proceedings.  If Mediation is not appropriate, we can offer other avenues to you, such as dealing with the negotiations on your behalf or dealing with your case collaboratively.
If you have a family issue and you want a specialist family lawyer who wants to deal with your case as amicably and efficiently as you do, contact one of our team for a free 15 minute telephone consultation. Contact me on 01206 217 384 or alternatively email me on