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How do I legally change my name?

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How do I legally change my name?

You may be looking to change your name for a number of reasons, such as after divorce, gender reassignment or simply where you would prefer to be known by a different name.  

What is a “Change of Name Deed”?

The most commonly used process for legally changing a name in the UK is by a Change of Name Deed. This is a document that proves a change of name and can be used as evidence of your new title. You can change any part, add or remove names or even change the spelling of your existing name.

Thinking of changing your name, what should you do?

If you are thinking of changing your name, we can assist you with this by preparing a Change of Name Deed for you. The Change of Name Deed must confirm that you have given up your old name and you will instead use the new name for all purposes. The Deed then has to be signed in the presence of two witnesses who are independent, so it cannot be your relative or partner, and over the age of 18.

Once completed, we can provide you with certified copies of the Deed which can be sent to organisations and agencies to inform them of your new name, for example the passport agency or DVLA.

Can I change my child’s name?

A Change of Name Deed can also be obtained for children, however you can only change a minor’s name (a child under 16 years of age) if everyone with parental responsibility agrees in writing to the change of name. If those with parental responsibility cannot agree, a court order must be sought to have the change ordered.

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