Farming a green and prosperous land.

Everyone, from school children to David Attenborough and Prince Charles, are urging us to combat climate change. How will this impact the rural community – and how will we respond?

The Prince warns that the farming industry faces its ‘biggest shake up in decades’, if large parts of the planet are not to be rendered uninhabitable, and more is not done to reduce carbon emissions. He feels environmentalist’s language is putting many off. However, he points out that there are massive opportunities for farmers if they do engage.

In East Anglia, we have great entrepreneurial spirit and an innovative mindset. Going forwards can you tell a story of high standards, of environmental sensitivity, animal welfare and food quality, while stressing local provenance, native breeds, and sustainable management? Being good stewards of the natural environment, we can bequeath the next generation a better environment than is feared. It is in our collective economic interests to do so. We already know the principles of ‘public money for public goods’, ‘the polluter pays’, and ‘net environment gain’. We are already applying much but can do more.

So that is on the pure farming side of things. But many farmers are also diversifying to renewable energy production. Wind and solar power are the obvious units springing up regularly, but there is also geothermal energy, such as heat pumps, and biofuels and bioenergy, such as anaerobic digestion - and even hydro power. If you do not have the ability to install or lease a large area for a solar or wind farm, you may be able to install smaller units on your home or farm buildings? The Birkett Long Agriculture and Estates Team has worked with numerous clients on many projects for both farming and energy related matters and we are highly thought of throughout the region.

With a positive and innovative mindset, we can all rise to the challenge of helping improve sustainability and, at the same time, have plans that make sound economic sense. The green economy will sustain us all.

David Rayner

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