Paying for care for you or your loved ones

Planning for and paying for care in later life is always a tricky subject and not one that we or our loved ones want to think about. 

But, if we plan and know what to expect, this can help enormously in the future and make life easier for ourselves and our loved ones if we need to think about going into a care home.

With all the added pressures of farming, this is something that farmers especially should give some thought to.

There is a general perception that Social Services takes our homes, and even our farms, to pay for care fees. We have all heard of a situation where someone’s relative is in a care home, paying their way whilst the person sat next to them is not!

Why is this?

Social Services will undertake an assessment of someone’s needs to consider if their future care requirements can be met by them remaining in their own home, with carers coming in. It is possible that this may lead to people being granted an allowance to arrange their own care.

Social Services will also assess if a person has the means to pay for their own care (‘self-funding’) be that at home or in a care home.

If you have capital, inclusive of your home, of over £23,250 then you will pay your own care fees, but if you have capital of less than that figure then the local authority will most likely pay for your care.

So, it is true that your loved one may be paying for their care whilst someone else in the same care home is not, but that’s not the end of the story; there are non-means tested benefits which can support you financially, but these are often overlooked and not applied for. These can be applied for if a person is in a care home paying for their own care or at home and needing care. Carers also frequently fail to apply for financial support for themselves.

What is NHS Continuing Health Care?

If your health needs are, or become, really serious and fit certain criteria such that you should not be paying for your care at all, then it may be that the NHS will pay for your care and nursing needs and your loved ones would no longer need to pay.

It’s a minefield of information, there are so many different allowances of which you should be aware, particularly for farming families where so much is at stake. We have the specialist expertise to advise on these matters. We offer a one-off fixed fee meeting covering all aspects of funding care and future planning for £300. If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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