Will you need to be licensed to be a builder?

A task force has recently been set up to look at whether a form of mandatory licensing for the construction industry should be brought into effect.

This followed a report in July 2018 which suggested that licensing would improve quality and increase consumer confidence. The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) stated that the licensing is needed as it is said that one third of homeowners are put off doing major home improvements where a builder is required because they fear hiring an unreputable builder. In turn the UK economy could be missing out on billions of pounds’ worth of construction activity. The FMB also reported that 77% of small and medium sized (SME) construction firms support the introduction of licensing to protect consumers and hinder rogue builders. In June of this year, the task force, supported by a range of leading industry bodies and chaired by Liz Peace, former chief executive of the British Property Federation, was appointed to try to persuade the Government to introduce a new Act of Parliament to make it mandatory to have a licence to be able to trade in the construction industry. We will keep you informed of any developments and whether any Act is put forward by the Government. 

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