Update - coasting schools

Our last newsletter discussed the conversion of “coasting schools” into academies.  We can now update this with a definition of what “coasting” means.  Schools will be eligible for intervention if they fall below the following levels for three years:

  • Primary schools with fewer than 85% of children achieving an “acceptable secondary-ready standard” in reading, writing and maths, and that have seen “insufficient” pupil progress
  • Secondary schools with fewer than 60% of students achieving five “good” GCSEs or where a below average proportion of pupils made “acceptable” progress.  From 2016, the coasting level for secondary schools will be based on Progress 8 (school governors - if you do not know what Progress 8 is yet, you must find out!)

Schools falling within these categories will be offered support and be required to produce an improvement plan.  If it is considered that a school will not be able to do this, the school will be converted into an academy.

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