The spirit of adventure - Sir Ranulph Fiennes licensing deal

The spirit of adventure - Sir Ranulph Fiennes licensing deal

Birkett Long was recently tasked structuring a licensing deal with Sir Ranulph Fiennes for the purposes of producing high quality Rum. The resulting rum is called ‘Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ Great British Rum’ and is available at Having purchased the end products ourselves, we are pretty sure that it will be a big hit.

Head of Intellectual Property, Jonathan Perlmutter, was called in to draft the licence agreement between Sir Ranulph and the licensee and to begin to define the on-going relationship between the licensee and the local distillery tasked with making the rum. Jonathan also spent some time drafting Trade Mark applications for the great explorer’s name, but also his signature, and for the image of the expedition team emblazoned on the front of the bottle. As you can see, the finished product looks magnificent.

Product endorsement by celebrities of all stripes is a common practice and can provide a licensee with a shortcut to commercial success. We are happy to advise on the form and content of such deals and to register items of IP in support of them, as appropriate. We have experience from explorers, through football stars, to chart topping live techno acts and even long-dead writers from the Beat Generation!

Equally, if you are a well-known person and you need help monetising your image, we are well versed in providing strategic advice in order to help you create and then monetise your IP; we are always happy to chat on interesting subjects such as TV show formats and what constitutes image rights in different countries.

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