Technology leaves thieves asking "What's the point?"

It may be impossible to make goods 'unstealable' but the next best thing is to make it pointless for thieves to steal them in the first place.  With the help of new technology, many manufacturers are beginning to do just that.

New cars provide a good example.  Modern coded keys make it almost impossible to drive a new car without the correct key and this has led to a big drop in the number of new cars being stolen.  Even if a car is taken along with its key, in some cases it is possible to send a signal which stops the engine working.  Such a car is useless to a thief, so there is little point in taking the risk of stealing it.

Smart phones are another common target for criminals but many can now be easily locked if they are stolen which makes them useless to the thief.  New phone apps also make it possible to track stolen phones and this has led to many arrests by the police.

Meanwhile, new software can help owners not only track where a stolen laptop is, but even use its camera to secretly view the person who has it!

Recently in the USA, a man who had his laptop stolen set up a blog where thousands of people watched a criminal for days after he took the laptop home.  Eventually he was arrested and charged by the police.

The ways in which technology is helping to defeat thieves is the subject of recent materials produced by the Schools Law & Citizenship Web, an imaginative scheme which brings teachers and lawyers together to introduce young people to the legal system and other important matters of citizenship.

We are strong supporters of the initiative and are pleased that young people are being encouraged  to consider such issues.  We also believe it is correct that youngsters who may be tempted to steal  should be made aware not only why it is wrong, but also of the potentially serious consequences of getting involved in crime.  

Like all Schools Law Web materials, the lessons were produced by practising classroom teachers with the aim of encouraging young people to grow into responsible, active citizens.  We are very happy to play our part by funding the programme for school pupils in our area.

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