Skills audits

For anyone involved in a school governing body, reviews of it and its future should be undertaken regularly.  The Department for Education has released guidance for governing bodies regarding their constitution, including what needs to be considered and how they should be considered.  It is statutory guidance so governing bodies and local authorities must have regard to it.

Examples of some of the points that must be considered include the following:

  • Governing bodies should be no bigger than necessary to secure the range of skills they need.  Smaller governing bodies are often likely to be more cohesive and dynamic.
  • A key consideration in the appointment and election of all new governors should be the skills and experience that the governing body needs to be effective.
  • Governing bodies should use a skills audit to identify any specific gaps that need to be filled in the skills, knowledge and experience of existing governors.
  • Governing bodies should publish on their websites information about their members and their register of interests.
  • Governing more than one school can generate a more strategic perspective and more robust accountability through the ability to compare and contrast across those schools.
  • Governing bodies should review their effectiveness regularly, including the extent to which their size and structure is fit for purpose and whether their members have the necessary skills.

Please contact our education expert, Emily Brown, if you would like a free copy of a skills audit and matrix for your governing body to use, or if you would like a copy of the statutory guidance from the Department for Education.

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