School and PTA events

Changes expected on 1 October under the Live Music Act 2012 will mean schools and PTAs may find it easier to put on events involving live music without always needing the licences that must normally be in place.

It has been a real concern that schools must be licensed under the Licensing Act 2003 to provide certain entertainment for members of the public or a section of the public, or to put on a private function where the entertainment or facilities are for the purpose of making a profit.  This includes school plays, live music or dance, or events where recorded music might be played. 
It has been recognised, however, that this was bringing costly and bureaucratic processes to schools and PTAs which were organising low risk, or indeed no risk, events, such as school productions or children's films for toddler groups.

The change brought by the Live Music Act 2012 is just a start and does not remove the need for schools to have suitable licences when providing various other types of entertainment.  A review following a Government consultation may result in further deregulation, but until that has been concluded advice should be sought when schools or parents organise events.

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