Recovering what's due

Although no school will wish to resort to legal action to recover unpaid school fees, the reality is that at some point it is likely that assistance will be needed to recover such debts. 

In an increasingly commercial environment, schools simply cannot afford to allow these debts to remain unpaid.  Birkett Long offers a quick and cost-effective debt recovery service on a fixed-fee basis and, in the majority of cases, we find that debts are paid on receipt of a letter before action, without the need for any claim to be issued.

For debts of over £750 the service of a statutory demand can also be a highly effective tool for obtaining payment, as it allows the debtor just 21 days in which to pay the debt or face the prospect of bankruptcy proceedings being issued.

If you would like further information on how best to recover your school’s debts please get in touch.

Keith Songhurst
01245 453821

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