Putting your house in order - wills and LPAs

It is important for everyone to put their legal affairs in order.  One of the most important is to make a will.  When someone passes away without a will they are described as having died intestate, meaning their assets will pass following rules they have not chosen and may not want. 

Even if you have already made a will you should keep it under regular review.  Consider whether since writing your will, you have separated or remarried, your family has expanded or your estate value has changed significantly.  In any event it is advisable to review your will every few years.  Ensuring your will is up to date in terms of your wishes and changes in the law is as important as making one in the first place.

A further area of planning for your future is to ensure your family has the ability to help you should you lose mental capacity.  A lasting power of attorney is a document giving legal authority for someone you choose to be able to assist you with your financial and possibly health and welfare matters, should you need them to.  These are very important documents that you should take time to consider.

Wills and lasting powers of attorney are equally important and should be organised long before they need to be relied upon.  

At Birkett Long, we have expert knowledge and would be very happy to discuss your future planning needs with you.

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