New Year Procrastination

With every New Year comes possibilities: join a gym, clear out the shed, take up a new hobby, learn another language...

Perhaps New Year resolutions are not a very good idea.  Few of us stick to them and by February, most are forgotten.  Maybe a better idea would be to set ourselves one task and achieve it! 

Sadly, making a will is just like a New Year resolution.  It’s often a thought at the back of the mind that never makes it to the front.  The procrastination may be because many people believe that you don’t need a will unless you meet certain criteria; such as age, dependents or wealth. 

Mandy and Jason have been living together for four years.  In their late 20s, they both had relationships before they met and Jason has a young daughter who lives with her mother.  Naturally, both Mandy and Jason hope to live a long life, but should tragedy strike what would happen to the finances and to the financial security of Jason’s daughter?  Neither of them have even considered making a will.  It’s simply never crossed their minds.

John and Dianne have been retired for some time.  They want to pass their family home down to their children, who are grown up with families of their own, but the possibility of having to pay care fees at some point in the future makes them angry.  They do not realise that their wills can be written in a way that will mitigate loss to their estate should one of them need care.

At 86, Al is fit and well, and lives independently.  He’s never been rich but he worked hard and managed to put away a small sum of money that he wants to help towards his grandson’s university education.  Al doesn’t think he needs to make a will because he knows that everything will go to his daughter, who will obviously make sure her son gets his fair share, but Al also hopes that his daughter’s new partner will not influence her decision.  However, Al also has a brother – 12 years his junior – and Al’s home, which he owns, has shot up in value over recent years. 

At Birkett Long we see people like this every day. People who assume everything will be okay. Making a will means you can rest assured that your loved ones will be taken care of, and that your money will be distributed as you planned. Perhaps it’s time to stop procrastinating and get it done! Click here to enquire to make a will.

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