Best Companies: Birkett Long's World Class Recognition

Essex based law firm Birkett Long has secured the highest ranking on the prestigious Best Companies to Work For list. Birkett Long’s dedication to fostering a flexible work environment and cultivating a positive praise culture has been recognised as a “World Class Organisation” to work for in the annual Best Companies rankings. The firm has proudly achieved a 3-star accreditation, the highest standard of workplace engagement.

With a 190-strong team comprising specialists in law, patent, finance, and HR, the firm’s contributions to businesses and communities have garnered recognition regionally and nationally.

Joann Kebbell, Partner and Director of HR and L&D at Birkett Long, confirms the firm’s focus, stating, “Birkett Long truly focuses on people – our clients, our employees, our business partners, and those in our local communities. With people and community at our heart, we are committed to investing in our staff and their personal development.”

Birkett Long places a strong emphasis on employee wellbeing and a positive workplace culture with various initiatives and benefits throughout the year. We host social events like afternoon teas, the annual Birkett Long Quiz, charity events, and volunteer days off. We also prioritise mental health with initiatives like Mental Health First Aiders and Time to Talk Days. Programmes such as the Happiness Fund for Team Building and Sporting activities boost morale and physical wellbeing. These efforts reflect our commitment to creating a supportive environment where every employee feels valued and empowered.

Joann Kebbell added, “Our people are the drivers of the firm’s success, and we recognise that engagement comes in many forms and may look different to each employee. We recognise and reward our teams for their hard work, demonstrating and explaining how they fit into the firm’s overall success and strategy and actively encourage collaboration and teamwork.

We provide our employees with the tools to succeed and lead from the top, and we continuously actively listen for meaningful insights into employee experience to help drive and shape change. We believe that by listening, understanding and acting on feedback helps us shape an engagement strategy and creates a more open culture where our employees feel comfortable to share their ideas, feel valued and that they are contributing to the successful functioning and continuous improvement of the firm.”

The recognition by Best Companies reflects the firm’s commitment to creating a positive and engaged work environment. Birkett Long’s achievements in workplace engagement align with the Best Companies mission to recognise and celebrate organisations dedicated to building a happier and healthier workforce. Birkett Long’s national recognition supports its commitment to workplace excellence.