Behind every good law a great accounts team

The Accounts team at Birkett Long looks after the financial management of the firm - a very complex and fast moving environment.

The cashiers deal with all move- ments of money in and out of the firm, processing thousands of transactions each month, which can range from multi-million pound commercial transactions to completion of a house purchase for a client or paying the firm’s gas bill.  An important responsibility is to ensure that we adhere strictly to the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA) Accounts’ rules.  These rules govern clients’ money held by our firm, which can amount to millions of pounds at any one time.

The team has seen some changes in the last year; two long-serving cashiers, Sheila Broyd and Teresa Carvalho, retired.  Sue Newman, who joined us following a merger, became full-time and   we have a new recruit, Jo Evison.  Wendy Kelly, who  heads up the cashiering side of the team, became an Associate on 1 June.  An even newer  recruit to our team is Vicky Fakira, who joined us in June this year to take over the management accounting role.

Always seeking to be innovative and adding strategic value, Louise Pisano, our Finance Director who leads the team,  has recently launched the Finance Directors’ Forum, where a group of our clients’ financial directors meet over breakfast to discuss topics of interest.  These have been deemed a success by those who attended and we  look forward to continuing the forum in the future.

For information on the FD Forum contact Louise Pisano


From left: Louise Pisano, Wendy Kelly, Sue Newman, Jo Evison and Vicky Fakira

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