All CHANGE for Notley and Clacton primary schools

Two Essex schools have joined forces to become a partnership, giving them more autonomy and helping to improve standards for the future.

Notley Green Primary School in Braintree and Cann Hall Primary School in Clacton will now operate collectively under the CHANGE Schools Partnership. Notley Green has been granted Supporting School status from the Department of Education, allowing it the freedom to help  improve standards in other Essex Schools.

Schools which have opted out of local authority control in this way have more freedom over budgets, curriculum, buildings, term times and the length of the school day.

Jacqui Green, Executive Headteacher of CHANGE, said: “The move will allow more autonomy for both schools. They have worked in partnership for more than a year now, with Notley Green helping raise standards at Cann Hall. The additional funding which has been granted will ensure that this arrangement can continue. Staff at both schools have already worked together extensively, and we all look forward to our continued relationship.”

The solicitors appointed to manage the conversion were Birkett Long, LLP. Angie Jones, Notley Green School Business Manager, said: “The team at Birkett Long advised us throughout the process, and were immensely helpful. They were extremely approachable and helped resolve issues quickly and efficiently. There are many legal details associated with a change such as this, and we would highly recommend Birkett Long LLP to any school undergoing this process.”

Birkett Long added: “We are very pleased that the conversion to the CHANGE Schools Partnership has gone so smoothly and we wish both schools all the very best under the new system.”

Simon Waltham, recently appointed Headteacher at Cann Hall, said he is looking forward to the changes. He added: “It is an exciting time for Cann Hall as we continue to make good progress with the support of Notley Green.  The conversion to academy status represents a commitment from each school in supporting and challenging one another to being graded ‘Outstanding’. 

“We are looking forward to a more secure future as a result of the conversion, the opportunities it will bring for the children and the community and the development opportunities through partnership working.”

CHANGE Schools Partnership is responsible for the education of more than 800 children in Essex, and reaction from parents and the school community has been very favourable.

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