Academies...where to begin?

The decision of whether to convert to an academy remains a hot topic at governors’ meetings. Here at Birkett Long, we are certainly seeing a lot of clients who want to convert.

A further consideration in the decision making process is the fact that the Government has still not made up its mind on whether or not conversions should be compulsory! Therefore this issue of our education newsletter will cover academy conversions. We will be mapping out some of the matters you need to consider and how our specialist team can assist.

If you haven’t already converted to an academy, the decision is not one to be taken lightly, and much time will be spent considering which option to take from the following:

  • join a network of schools already established as a Multi Academy Trust;
  • agree with other non-converted schools to join forces and establish a new Multi Academy Trust together;
  • go it alone, setting up your own Multi Academy Trust and taking on schools as and when the right opportunities arise

Then there are the additional considerations of whether you would like to take on sponsorship status and help other schools who could benefit from your expertise.

Regardless of what option you choose, you will also need to ensure that:

  • you feel comfortable that you can work with the other schools you are considering joining;
  • you are of a like-minded nature, or you are confident that your differences will allow you all to thrive; and
  • the structure will be designed in a way that is likely to drive the schools forward.
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