Developers changing builds to facilitate home working

The majority of the population has had to adapt and change to working from home over the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic. It seems as though many businesses will continue the working from home trend even after life returns to normal.

Due to the increase in remote working, property developers have had to adapt their building plans to facilitate demand and need for the future. The speed of our broadband connection has never been so important and now developers are seeking to ensure that buildings are fitted with the very best and most up to date software and cabling available to meet the needs of buyers.

We have also seen an increase in many new developments creating larger spaces to facilitate home working. Demand has changed from the need to provide a small gym or social spaces to the need for a flexible home working environment. Some developers have even opted to incorporate meeting rooms that can be booked by residents. This again shows another example of developers adapting to suit community requirements as some people do not wish to work in their apartment all of the time.

As we begin to ease out of lockdown restrictions, it is likely many people will continue to work from home some, if not all of the time. Developers are being guided by the needs and priorities of buyers. It is likely we will begin to see developers steer away from the minimally sized apartments and small gardens and move to larger space to appeal to people working from home.


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