Joint Venture Agreements

Frequently, businesses join together to achieve a common business goal.  A Joint Venture Agreement documents the relationship and forms a key part of the understanding between the parties over their respective obligations, rights and liabilities.

Our commercial and corporate finance solicitors draft Joint Venture Agreements and advise on the terms of agreements produced by other parties. Our team has experience across a wide range of sectors from digital and technology to property development and healthcare.

The depth of experience across our commercial and corporate finance team ensures that we can provide you with comprehensive advice tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you are entering into a contract based joint venture to cooperate, or forming a new entity through which the joint venture will be run we are here to support you.

Examples of joint ventures that we have worked on include:

  • Advising on the terms of an international joint venture involving the creation of a new company to provide robotic cleaning services to oil refineries and power stations.
  • Advising on a contractual joint venture for the provision of financial support services.
  • Incorporating a new company, drafting the Articles of Association and a joint venture agreement for a land acquisition and property development joint venture.


Staff re order in business joint venture agreements

  • Tim Field
  • Thomas Emmett
  • Tracey Dickens