Resolving Disputes with Suppliers or Customers (including debt collection)

Keeping up relationships with suppliers and customers is an important part of anyone’s job, but very occasionally we find ourselves faced with disputes we can’t see a way around.

Resolving a dispute can take considerable time, effort and money that you could better use to operate, manage, or grow your business. Birkett Long will help you to resolve the disagreement as cost effectively, and with as little damage to the relationship, as possible.

Getting paid or falling out with suppliers can be difficult. Birkett Long will help you get over these obstacles before they harm your business.

  • Has your customer refused or failed to pay?
  • Have you paid for an expensive up-to-date machine which did not arrive on time?
  • Has a supplier failed to provide a service or product?
  • Has a supplier provided a defective service or product?
  • Are you being pursued for a debt which you dispute?

If you would like further information about any kind of dispute with a supplier or customer, please contact Kevin Sullivan on 01206 217376.

funding options
There are many ways to fund a dispute. Take a look at our 'funding litigation' page to view your options. 


Birkett Long’s team is able to advise on all types of professional or commercial dispute. Our experience covers all types of commercial work, including cross border litigation. We deal with commercial contract disputes, professional negligence claims, landlord and tenant matters and disputes arising from the breakdown of business relations such as shareholder and partnership disputes.

Using a specialist software package designed in-house, the team is able to handle a high volume of debt collection work, whilst retaining the speed and accuracy of its service.

Birkett Long is a member of R3 – The Association of Business Recovery Professionals.

What Our Clients Say

  • I have to say, you are the best. I have rarely worked with someone with your clarity. The pleasure is all mine.
  • I should like to thank you , Mark, for all your help and professionalism in this matter. Most people are amazed we have been successful in actually obtaining all the money as there was a belief he would try to avoid payment. But we proved them wrong! Thank you also for keeping my costs to a minimum. It is much appreciated.
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Staff re-order for disputes with suppliers or customers

  • Kevin Sullivan
  • Tracy England