Leasehold transactions & property management

Birkett Long's commercial property team understands that leases for commercial property are often complex and far more prescriptive than when dealing with freehold premises. We provide advice to both landlords and tenants on all tenancy related matters to ensure the process of completing the lease is as smooth and simple as possible.

Our commercial property solicitors will ensure you fully understand the implications and obligations when taking on or granting a new lease. We will also continue to offer assistance throughout the duration of the lease, and advise what to do at the end of it.

We act for a wide range of clients, from large property investors, developers, local authorities, universities and colleges, to those with smaller property portfolios and individual owners and tenants.

We can assist you if you want to:

  • grant or take a new lease or underlease of commercial premises
  • extend or vary an existing lease that is already in place
  • terminate or surrender an existing lease
  • carry out works which require landlord’s consent
  • make a deduction from a deposit paid by the tenant
  • carry out a review of the annual rent payable under a lease
  • enforce the terms of a lease
  • accept or reject a request from a tenant

We regularly deal with different types of business leases including shops, offices, factories, warehouses, industrial leases, medical practices, retail outlets, agricultural land, and school site leases.

Contact a member of the team, or complete our enquiry form, to discuss how we may be able to help you.


We have a dedicated team of solicitors specialising in commercial property who have a wealth of expertise and experience spanning many years, which means they can deal with any type of commercial property transaction.

We will also work closely with your existing business advisors when necessary and have established effective working relationships with a number of other professionals should you require additional third party assistance.

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