Distribution Agreements

Distribution arrangements can sometimes be complex, but often provide low risk opportunities to expand into new markets or territories.

It is vital that any distribution arrangement is recorded in writing through the use of a distribution agreement. Professional assistance is often sought by businesses because they understand the importance of their distribution relationship with another business to their own. It is essential to obtain professional assistance with any distribution agreement because, unfortunately, mistakes in badly drafted agreements often do not become apparent until the end of a distribution relationship, at which point it is too late.

The Commercial and Corporate Finance team have significant experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating distribution agreements. We also assist clients with breaches of terms of a distribution agreement.

Our expertise, along with our commercial knowledge and practical experience in this area, means that we can provide businesses with cost effective results in all matters relating to distribution arrangements and can produce Distribution Agreements which protect your best interests. We can assist by guiding you through the legal maze and provide advice on commercial considerations based on your business objectives. 


Staff re-order for distribution agreements

  • Tim Field
  • Thomas Emmett
  • Tracey Dickens
  • Alan Massenhove