Confidentiality Agreements

Confidential information is a vital asset for any business. Therefore, it is important that such an asset is protected. Examples of confidential information often relate to key business assets such as intellectual property, business investments, directors and agents of the business to name but a few.

In certain situations, it is sufficient to use a standard type agreement that, if drafted properly, will work to protect your confidential information. However, there may be circumstances where a tailored agreement is required. This is often the case during high value transactions.

The Commercial and Corporate Finance team have significant experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating confidentiality agreements. We also assist clients with breaches of terms of a confidentiality agreement.

Our expertise, along with our commercial knowledge and practical experience in this area, means that we can provide businesses with cost effective results in all matters relating to confidentiality of information and can produce confidentiality agreements which protect your best interests. We can assist by guiding you through the legal maze and provide advice on commercial considerations based on your business objectives.


Staff re-order for confidentiality agreements

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