Agency Agreements

Agency relationships can be vital to businesses seeking low cost entry into new markets. However, without an agency agreement or if an agency agreement is not drafted properly, an agent may miss out on commissions and principals may find themselves without legal protection should the agent do a poor job.

Whilst there is no legal requirement for the terms of an agency relationship to be written down, it is prudent to draw up a written agreement which details the scope of an agent’s appointment so that both parties (agent and principal) have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities. Our experience is that this avoids misunderstandings and disputes that often arise when arrangements are not detailed in writing.

The Commercial and Corporate Finance team have significant experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating agency agreements for both agents and principals. We also assist clients with breaches of terms of an agency agreement.

Our expertise in the law of agency, along with our commercial knowledge and practical experience in this area, means that we can provide businesses with cost effective results in all matters relating to agency law and can produce Agency Agreements which protect your best interests. We can assist by guiding you through the legal maze and provide advice on commercial considerations based on your business objectives.


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