Bankruptcy - Winding Up

Are you a sole trader or a partnership? Are you in a situation where your business is unable to pay its debts? Are you concerned that you may need to declare bankruptcy or that your creditors may seek to make you bankrupt?

At Birkett Long, we understand the process you are going through and the challenges you face. Our team can advise you as to how you can potentially avoid bankruptcy, but if it is unavoidable, we will guide you through the formal legal proceedings, provide you with the options available and find the right strategy to suit you.

If you’ve reached the point where you don’t know where to turn, and bankruptcy seems like the only option, you need to talk to one of Birkett Long’s experts. Our team may be able to help you avoid it, but if bankruptcy is the route that’s needed, Birkett Long will help you through it.

  • Are you struggling to make payments to creditors?
  • Do you feel like the financial side of your business is spiralling out of your control?
  • Has a creditor served a Statutory Demand on you?
  • Has a creditor lodged a Petition for your Bankruptcy?
  • Have you been made bankrupt and need assistance dealing with your Trustee-in-Bankruptcy?
  • Is your Trustee-in-Bankruptcy seeking to sell your matrimonial home?

If you need advice on bankruptcy, call Kevin Sullivan for a free initial chat on 01206 217376.


We have been appointed to carry out insolvency work for various Essex Local Authorities, including Colchester Borough Council, Maldon District Council and Braintree District Council.

Birkett Long is a member of R3 – The Association of Business Recovery Professionals.

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What our clients say

  • Thank you for your work in recovering the significant sum of money owing. Several telephone requests at our end failed to produce the money, but one letter from you worked like magic!

Staff re-order for bankruptcy - winding up

  • Kevin Sullivan 
  • Tracy England