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Kerri-Anne P - Work Experience Student 2012

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During my week at Birkett Long Solicitors, I was given a truly practical perspective of what training at the firm would be like. I spent a week in the Employment department of their Basildon office and on my first day was immediately given the responsibility of drafting various documents. Having studied Employment Law on the Legal Practice Course, these tasks enabled me to illustrate and utilise the skills I had developed on the course.

I attended many client meetings with my supervisor and, more specifically, I met with two employer clients who were defending claims from employees. I was asked to draft their ET3 defences and, as my first ever attempt of drafting such documents, I was daunted yet enthusiastic about the challenge. My supervisor provided continuous support and positive feedback throughout all of my work. I learnt a great deal during my work experience because I was given so much responsibility with the assignments I was provided with. I genuinely feel that the week was a taster training contract which has placed me in good stead for when I begin training as a solicitor.

Finally, towards the end of the week, I had a meeting with the HR Manager. This gave me the opportunity to gauge exactly what the firm looks for in trainees and also for the HR department to analyse the activities I was provided with throughout the week. This demonstrated to me the firm’s dedication to ensuring procedures are followed correctly and that the firm has a strong support network, both of which make Birkett Long Solicitors stand out as an employer. I would strongly recommend the Birkett Long work experience scheme to all students seeking to enhance their skills and CV.