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Wills: The Final Frontier?

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If you have been fortunate enough to watch the new Star Trek film in the cinema, you will have noticed that it ends with a tribute to the late Mr Anton Yelchin. For those who do not know who this is, Mr Yelchin was cast as Mr Chekov in the new series and sadly died at the age of 27 in an accident earlier this year.

The franchise, however, is not the only legacy that Mr Yelchin has left behind; according to the probate application, his Estate is worth approximately £1.06m. Despite this he joins the growing list of the rich and famous to die without a will, including the likes of Martin Luther King Jr, Pablo Picasso, Amy Winehouse and, most recently, Prince. 

Whilst it is not uncommon to die intestate, it can result in some undesirable consequences. In such cases, there is a prescribed hierarchy of who can inherit and who is able to take control of administering the Estate. For individuals without close family members, distant relatives could stand to inherit. Alternatively, loved ones who you wish to provide for could be omitted, simply due to their 'status' or lack of. 

As for Mr Yelchin, it has been reported that his parents are dealing with his estate and, presumably, they will also be the only beneficiaries. Whether or not this is what he would have wanted, we will never know. However, his early death is a stark reminder that it is never too early to consider making a will. For peace of mind that your loved ones are adequately provided for, we would always recommend taking professional advice to prepare your will.